OSMOCHEM 4111 (Antiscalent for Membrane systems)

  • Osmochem 4111 is an Antiscalent with a high dispersing capacity for membrane systems, where deposits, caused by high hardness or suspended solids, are likely to occur. Osmochem 4111 prevent the formation of Crystals
  • from water hardness by blocking crystal growth due to its phosphoric acid combination and the polycarbonic component. Due to the adjustment of the components in Osmochem 4111, the product can be used for a wide range of applications concerning pH, hardness, content of suspended solids, etc.

OSMOCHEM 7525 ( Acid Cleaner for RO Membrane)

  • Osmochem 7525 is a liquid, acidic membrane cleaner based on inorganic acids. It can be used for the most membrane types on the market. Osmochem 7525 is especially developed to remove scaling from acid resistance membranes. Osmochem 7525 is able to remove inorganic deposits.

OSMOCHEM 9126 ( Alkali Cleaner for RO Membrane)

  • Osmochem 9126 is a liquid product of membrane cleaning based on potassium hydroxide, complexing agents and anionic and non-ionic detergents. Osmochem 9126 is able to remove oil, grease, ester and inorganic deposits. Osmochem 9126 can be used for cleaning on alkaline resistant membranes.